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New Jerusalem's Blood Moon Code

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We have always been told history tends to repeat itself, most likely in an effort to help us change our perceptions of how time works.  

Understanding that history repeats because of repetitive cycles in the sky has been my obsession in the last 7 years between the span of the 2 USA Great Eclipses, August 21, 2017 and April 8th, 2024. You will learn from reading this document their importance numerically and their symbolic locations in the sky and the towns they are passing over and their prophetic importance.  

It has been a spiritual journey like no other and I worked hard to bring the information to you weekly, but as the information collected and got more complex, it got clearer that I needed to document it all in one ebook. There is a vast amount of Hermetic knowledge that has always been there, for us all to discover. By studying the planets it brings a closer understanding of Biblical prophecy and the patterns of the Blood Moon Eclipses. 

There is a Blood Moon Lunar eclipse pattern that I stumbled upon, truly by intuition. It ties to a divine math code over a large span of time. I do believe the Founding Fathers knew the code and it is obvious they also knew the importance of the aboriginal dream/song ley lines and how the natives used the ley lines to speak with their ancestors.  Many Christian Cathedral are built on the crossroads of ley line sites, confirming the ley lines importance.   

In the old world people would use divining methods to find the ley lines and build homes with the ley lines passing through the hearth of the home. I wrote this document sitting beside the hearth on a ley line, often staring into the burning flames and pondering where my research would lead me.  

It brought me to discover how Paris is tied to Montreal by constructed monuments that align and how structures built by Freemasons can be coded to celestial alignments. 

I discovered a book written by Francine Bernier called the “Templar’s Legacy in Montreal, the New Jerusalem.” Her book led me to the discovery of the Blue Apples found in a church in England that was used in the filming of the Da Vinci Code. 

Trevor McGath confirmed the meaning of the Blue Apples that Francine Bernier mentions that dance across the floor of the church when the sunlight hits a certain way, you can find his work on Audible Alchemy on Youtube. I have used some of his quotes about the “Secret Chord David Plays” and how it affects our bodies.

I have put this together using quotes from Wikipedia for reference to history,  to help tie all the information together about the ley lines, the Paris Meridian line, the importance of the 2024 Paris Olympics and the Seine river and its history.  

I have mapped pictures to help see how the ley line was part of the Pope’s visit to Canada. 

The history will take you back to the Founding of the USA and the French- American connection during the American Revolution, and why the Jerusalem Templar Crusades hero,(and the only King Sainted) King Saint Louis IX purchase was so important.  

The beauty of all this Hermetic knowledge is like a golden thread intricately woven into our lives. It truly does bring a clearer understanding of the times we are in. Much of the information gathered in this ebook may seem unrelated to each other, but as we understand more about the Founding of the USA, the Cathars, and the Knights of Templars and the Pope's betrayal to them, we can see the true philosophical sense of the word Freedom.  


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Please email me and I will send you the link to my book as soon as I have received payment.
Thank you! - Crystal
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