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What Tyme Will Tell Astrology is

    Tyme Will Tell Astrology offers you an online personal sidereal alchemic astrology reading and consultation. Find out your true Zodiac sign including the forgotten 13th Zodiac. Understand your planet placements and learn which ancient stars you are aligned with. Learn how your birth

time fits with Ancient Mythos. Discover why you

chose your birth time and how ancient cosmic

mysteries effect your journey. The mystery of who you really are awaits you!

   This website will also help prepare mind and body 

as we approach the very unique time of the completion of The Great Cosmic Year. We are here to experience the greatest show on earth and complete soul freedom.  Come and learn how to navigate into the Golden Age!        

The inner knowing is calling you!  


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

I would like to share my discovery of the ancient wisdom of Astrology and Astro Theology. My intuition has always told me there was hidden knowledge that the Ancients knew about. Discovering the Mystery School knowledge has changed my life, my perception and my ability to see how positive thought is really how to attract what you need. The importance of the Golden Gate, Silver Gate and the Lion's Gates story is represented in many stories in our culture and we don't even know it.The constellations are a story book in the sky,it's a reflection of this amazing 

journey we are on. If you can feel the inner knowing pulling at you, into discovering why you are here. Follow your heart and let the stars tell you their secrets!    

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“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”

- Phaedrus (Plato)