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Ancient Mystery School Knowledge

   As we are quickly approaching the End of the Great Year, where ones soul gets to choose to enter the Golden Age or not.   

   Find links to helping with the Ascension process. Discover music and information that Crystal Tyme has collected for sharing for Higher Consciousness and your Souls upgrade to Freedom.


Ancient Mystery School Knowledge 

   Summer and winter solstices occurring around the time of the exact precessional cross cause the solstice Sun (which is exactly square to the vernal point / axis) to lie upon the nodes of the galactic equatorial axis (the GEN / Gate of God and anti-GEN Gate of Man). The solstice Sun's recurring conjunctions with the Galactic Equatorial Nodes are due to the vernal axis being perpendicular to the galactic equatorial axis. This only occurs at this time in Earth's precessional cycle, during the erect cross. The cross was exact several years ago, peaking in 1998, thus the solstice Suns were closest to the Galactic Equatorial Nodes around that time. The orb of the Solstice Sun's conjunctions with the galactic equatorial axis widens very slightly around this time because of Earth's very slow precessional rate (~1° every 72 years). For example, the December 2012 Solstice Sun was 00° 12' past its exact conjunction with the Galactic Equatorial Node (GEN / Gate of God).


Dec 21, 1985 22:07:40 UT / = 0° 11'

Dec 22, 1990 3:06:59 UT / = 0° 06'

Dec 21, 1997 20:07:02 UT / = 0° 01'

Dec 22, 1998 01:56:28 UT / = 0° 00'

Dec 22, 1999 7:43:49 UT / = 0° 01'

Dec 21, 2000 13:37:26 UT / = 0° 02'

Dec 21, 2005 18:34:57 UT / = 0° 06' Sun

Dec 21, 2012 11:11:37 UT / = 0° 12' Sun

Dec 21, 2020 10:02:12 UT / = 0° 18


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