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Sidereal Birth Chart   


Sidereal Alchemic Birth Chart Reading is an actual precise reading of where the planets were at your time of birth in your birth time zone. The procession of the Zodiac moves 1 degree, every 72 years approximately. The Sidereal Reading takes that into consideration and brings the 22 day -13th Ophiuchus constellation into the Zodiac wheel as well. Giving you your true sign.  You will also learn your Ascending (Rising sign) and your Descending Sign.  How your Saturn returns tell your life's purpose, whether you will be successful and areas that need focus.   

One on one consultation of your sidereal chart reading &

One year Monthly Moon chart


One on One Consultation of your Sidereal Chart Reading will give you a clear understanding on the zodiac placement of the planets on your birthday.  Also the stars and the mythos associated with them. Giving you a true archetype association to understanding your persona.  You will learn your true Sidereal Zodiac as Tropical Readings do not take into consideration of the procession of the zodiac moving 1 degree every 72 years and the 13th sign could be yours.  You will receive your monthly Moon chart to navigate your bodies connection with the stars.  Your oil can be ignited when following your moon cycles every month.   3 days after the chrism arriving at the top of the Medulla oblongata (a long stem-like structure which makes up part of the brainstem) where the Vagus nerve "crosses", the Chrism gets "crucified/crossified" as it enters the Fornix. ... In doing this it activates all the dormant brain cells in your Cerebrum ("Sarah-Abraham"). Your pineal glad begins to produce something like a supercharged Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which is The Blood of the Lamb, or the Blood of the Christ, which washes away your "sins" and cleanses your blood and restores your pH levels, which promotes the Ascension/Freedom path.  

Ascension Guide

Everything You Need to Prepare for Ascension of your Soul and

Higher Consciousness


How to Prepare the Mind

These times we are in are unique, take the time for you, so you can help others.  We are at a crossroad and the best way to feel at peace is to be empowered. Knowledge is the key to empowerment. Be proactive in your souls journey.   Order your guide to Mind and Body Bliss to help with Ascension and live the higher consciousness freedom path.

How to Prepare the Body

Your body is your temple.  Balancing it to optimal potential is the key to happiness and bliss.  The bliss state is complete health.  Simple health habits to activate your temple. Learn the importance the monthly Moon chart 

Love Frequency vs Fear Frequency

The choice is yours. Tuning out the constant Fear programming is the key to finding your true souls path. Connection to the Love frequency is where Bliss occurs.  Preparing your space with basic tools to connect you to the higher frequency that is calling you.

The Ascension Guide is a collection of information to help prepare for this unique time we are in.  Ancient knowledge that the Ancients have passed down to us for those who can see.  We are Psychokinetic beings that have amazing potential to reach what we came here to learn.  Follow your Souls path to Freedom! Order your Guide today to get you on your path! 

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